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Struggling to GROW your Glutes? 🍑

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Firstly let's look at the anatomy of the Glutes ⬇️

Gluteus maximus - A superficial muscle that is not only the largest muscle within the glutes (which gives your bum its overall shape), but also the largest muscle in the human body. The gluteus maximus performs extension, abduction and external rotation at the hips.

Gluteus medius - A deeper smaller muscle which lies underneath the gluteus maximus. The gluteus medius provides hip abduction, and can assist in hip extension and external rotation.

Gluteus minimus - The deep muscle, which lies below the gluteus medius and is the smallest of all 3. The gluteus minimus assists the medius in hip abduction.

Dormant/ weak Glutes 😥⬇️

Many people sit around all day which causes the hips and hip flexors to be flexed for long periods of time. This makes the anterior muscles of your body tight, while the posterior muscles such as the glutes and hamstrings become loose and weakened. This therefore can cause injuries and pain to the hamstrings, back, hips and knees.

Activating the glutes 💪🍑🔥⬇️

Glute activation is using isolated glute exercises before compound movements to get your glutes warmed up before your leg workout. Without warming up your glutes, they may not work correctly after not being in use all day. This could result in your quads/hamstrings being more dominant throughout the exercises.

We want to try working all 3 muscles in the glutes, so we need to incorporate hip abduction and adduction exercises (As the gluteus medius & minimus control these movements). Once activated you can then go onto training exercises which work on your quads/hamstrings such as Squats, Split squats, leg press, Deadlifts, ect.

Try these Exercises to get the glutes activated 🏋️‍♀️


🔸Fire hydrants

🔸Hip abductions

🔸Hip thrusts

🔸Donkey kicks


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