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Programming Fillers

A powerful tool many don't know about or understand.

Have you heard of it? or tried implementing them?

A filler is a low intensity exercise used during rest periods of your main sets. The exercise generally targets restrictions and weaknesses, to help you perform the main lift more efficient. Most of these fillers target mobility, stability, movement patterns and breathing mechanics, mostly associated with the ankles, Lumbo-pelvic hip complex and shoulder/scapula. They're very dependent on the person and on your main lift.

When programming these, there's two things I tend to think about:

1) Firstly, the clients mobility restrictions, and where are they weak?

2) Second, what is the clients current state of trainability on the day?

For instance, if you're performing some type of squat variation, and I know the client has weak glutes, I may do some glute activation drills between their rest periods.

On the other hand, if I know they have been sat down all day, between their sets, they may do some hip mobility drills, to combat the static positions they have been in all day.


Here are some of my top fillers for the Back squat, Bench press and Military press!

1) Back squats

- Thoracic spine mobility: Cat/Cow

- Hip mobility: 90/90 hip drill

- Ankle mobility: Banded ankle flexion

- Glute activation: Glute bridge

- Core stability: Deadbug

- Deep breathing drills

- SMR Self myofascial release techniques

- Dynamic motor control squat

2) Bench press

- Shoulder mobility: Blackburns

- Scapula stability: Band pull apart

- Rotator cuff stability: Band external rotation

- Serratus anterior activation: Push up plus

- Deep breathing drills

- SMR Self myofascial release techniques

- Dynamic motor control push up

3) Military press

- Shoulder mobility: Prone overhead press

- Thoracic mobility: Cat/Cow

- Lower trap activation: Hanging scapula depression

- Mid trap/External rotators: Facepull w/ Overhead reach

- Core: Birddogs

- Overhead responsive contractions

- SMR upper traps, lats, pecs and thoracic

- Deep breathing drills


The education center

This is why we have created the 'education center'. Bringing you the best techniques to get your body moving optimally, without restrictions or energy leaks.

Follow along to the videos and restore your movement quality, for pain free training, prevent injury, improve posture, power and strength.

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