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Mobility vs Stability

Are you paying enough attention to your joints and movement patterns while you're training, or are you too focused on fat loss & building muscle?

Give me 5 minutes of your time, to help you understand why you should be putting more effort into programming joint health into your programmes.

Some joints require more stability, while others require more mobility. For example the ankles require more mobility, whereas the knees require more stability. If however, your ankles lack the mobility needed to performance certain tasks, this will put added stress onto your knees, requring your knees to become more mobile, which is then asking for an injury.

'Injury occurs when stabile joints are forced to become mobile'. After the knees are forced to become mobile, this then translates further up the chain, requiring more stability from the hips, (which acutally require more mobility) and so on. When this happens, your body has been put through an abnormal movement pattern, you're starti