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Fundamentals to FAT LOSS 🔥

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Unsure how to lose weight?

New to fitness?

Maybe you have tried to lose fat but struggled?

Then this blog is for you!!

Hot topics of discussion

  • Introduction

  • Calories & macro-nutrients

  • Training techniques

  • Strength training & cardio principles

  • Our FREE 6 week Fat loss programme


You may be wondering why we call it ‘Fat loss’ rather than ‘weight loss’?

This is simply because the term weight loss could refer to a number of factors, including muscle, fat, fluids, and many more. When in reality, when you want to ‘lose weight’, you want to retain as much muscle mass as possible. How is this done? Keep reading!

This blog is also the introduction to our free 6 week Fat loss programme, to help users understand the principles of Fat loss when undertaking the programme.

Firstly, and most importantly, we are going to talk about nutrition

When following our training plan, it's important to look at your nutritional habits. In order to lose fat, you need to be in what’s called a ‘calorie deficit’, the holy grail when it comes to burning fat!! To quite simply put it, if you aren't in a calorie deficit, you aren’t going to lose fat. A calorie deficit means to consume less calories in a day than you burn. There’s a vast amount of ways to calculate how many calories you need per day, a nice easy simple and effective way is this calculation:

Bodyweight (kg) x 25 = RMR (Resting metabolic rate) Then times this number by either:

X 1.2 ( Exercise 1-2x per week)

X 1.4 (Exercise 3-4x per week)

X 1.6 (Exercise 5-6x per week)

X 1.8 (Exercise 6+ per week)

Which will calculate to get your TDEE (Total Daily energy expenditure) when you take daily activities into account. From here you need to eat fewer calories than this number. We recommend consuming 200-500 less calories than your TDEE, to create a calorie deficit.

E.g Claire weighs 55kg, and trains 3 times per week . So we follow the above guidelines:

55 (Body Weight in kg) x 25 = 1,375 (RMR)

1,375 x 1.4 = 1,925 (TDEE)

1,925 - 500 = 1425 calories

Therefore Claire would consume 1425 calories a day to be in a calorie deficit.

So what now?

Is that it?

Yes, being in that calorie deficit you’re doing to ‘lose weight’, but as previously stated earlier, we want to ‘lose FAT’. So this is why we are going to recommend you look into your protein intake.

Protein is the nutrient which helps to build and repair muscle. Protein is especially important when you’re on a mini cut, and wanting to preserve all the muscle mass you gained while on your bulking phase of training. We recommend having 1.6-2g of protein per kg of bodyweight. So for Claire who weighs 55kg she would eat between 88-110g protein per day. In a gram of protein there are 4 calories, so Claire's protein intake would take up 352-440 calories a day of her 1425 calories. The remaining calories would be spread between carbohydrates & fats. Carbohydrates provide your energy to fuel your workouts! Don’t be scared of carbs, they aren't the enemy! Fats are your secondary energy source and help assist with brain function and hormone production.

Don't forget water; Water is essential for many bodily functions but also for the role of carrying nutrients to the muscles, and waste out of the body. We recommend consuming 2-4 litres of water per day.

If you take any information from this blog today, it's that a Calorie deficit & Protein intake are key to losing fat and reaching your goal!

Training techniques

When it comes to training for ‘Fat loss’ the best programme you can do, is the programme you will stick to!

Consistency is so important. Remember your health and body isn't something you should just do for a matter of days/weeks, it’s something you should invest your time in.

Our free 6 week fat loss programme, isn’t a programme you should just do for 6 weeks then stop training & eating well. It’s a starter to help you on the way to achieving your body. This programme can be for beginners or people who want to break through a plateau.

There will be a mix between Strength training & Cardiovascular training.

As previously stated we want to preserve or gain as much muscle mass as possible while on a Fat loss programme. This is where strength training comes handy, as these lead to muscle gains. Muscle is fat free tissue, which is highly metabolic, which essentially helps you to burn more calories. So the more muscle you have, the higher your metabolism, the more calories you will burn! Studies have also shown that after a strength training workout your body creates an afterburn effect, which in simple terms means you will carry on burning calories for a period of time after your workout. In our programme you will start with Strength/resistance training, then go onto cardiovascular training towards the end of your workout. Why? Think of it this way, when you eat carbohydrates, this turns into energy called glucose, which then gets stored in your body as glycogen. You will use your glycogen stores in your strength training, to lift heavier, and have a more intense workout, then as your glycogen stores plummet, you will then finish off your workout with some cardio!

You will notice in our plan we have what are called ‘Supersets, Tri-sets and giant sets’

These are some of our top rated techniques when it comes to Burning fat, building lean muscle, and getting stronger!

Supersets - Performing 2 exercises in a row with no rest inbetween.

E.g Performing press ups straight into pull ups, then resting after the set, ready to hit the next set!

Tri-sets - Performing 3 exercises in a row with no rest inbetween

E.g Performing Military press into Facepulls into Lateral raises, then resting after the set, ready to hit the next set.

Giant sets - Performing 4 or more exercises in a row with no rest inbetween

E.g Performing Back squats, into Hex deadlifts, into Reverse lunges, into leg extension, then resting after the set, ready to hit the next set.

Other considerations

NEAT: Non exercise activity training! A massively underrated factor when programming for a fat loss programme. What NEAT means is what exercise do you do outside of the gym? Are you sitting binge watching netflix for hours, or are you going for walks? Do you take the stairs rather than the elevator? Do you bike to work rather than drive? Does your work demand any physical activity? Any considerations that get your body moving in the day will add up to your overall calorie expenditure. Calories don’t just have to be burnt in the gym, think about what you can do outside the gym to get yourself moving.

How often do you need to train?

I’m going to say something very contradictory now, but it’s true!! You don’t actually need to go to the gym to lose weight, you can do it with just a calorie deficit. But if you want to really get in shape, lose weight faster, and build some muscle, then it's highly recommended. We recommend for beginners to start off with a 2-3 days a week programme then progress onto 4-6 days a week, mixed between strength training and cardio. The gyms are not for everyone, some people just hate the thought of going, so that’s where the above statement really comes in handy (NEAT), find some activity outside the gym that you like, some active hobby, or a sport!

Why choose our 6 week Fat loss programme?

We have created an in depth 6 week programme to help you lose fat, and gain knowledge of training. The best thing is it’s completely FREE! Yes I mean that, there’s no catch!

What’s even better is our training plan has Video tutorials on how to complete each exercise on the plan, so you can be completely new to training and have all the necessary resources to undertake this programme.

Lastly, we are just a message away. If you have any problems while using the training programme you can message us all your questions and concerns and we will be happy to help.

How to access our training programme?

All you need to do is download our mobile app through wix, business name ‘Flexibull Fitness’ or simply click this link to get directed straight to our page to download ( then joining our non-members programme.

Again, this is a free app download, no catch! We are trying to build an online platform to help people reach their fitness goals with our help. By taking out the BS in the fitness industry, which can be overwhelmingly contradicting. We have a variety of workout programmes on our app, as well health & fitness blogs for you to read through.

Next we will be creating a ‘Free 6 week body sculpting programme for women’ and a ‘Free 6 week men's muscle building programme’!

Please share our blog with your friends and family if you found this helpful and invite any friends to our app:)

Many thanks,


Flexibull Fitness

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