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Do you have limited Ankle Dorsiflexion?

One of the most important biomechanical movements of the human body, but also one of the most overlooked.

Ankle dorsiflexion is defined by the action of bending your foot backwards towards your shin (Flexing your foot in an upwards, dorsal position).

Limited ankle dorsiflexion has shown to increase risk of injury on the lower extremities on the body, including but not limited to; the foot, ankle, knee and hips. Having a lack of dorsiflexion will effect the simplest movements from your walking gait to lifts in the gym, such as lunging and squatting. When limited mobility in the ankle is shown, compensations within the lower extremities (especially the knee) will occur. This causes a disruption on your kinetic chain through your body, leading to other compensations at different joints, which in turn will create improper movement patterns, leading to poor posture and injury. Often when people have pain around the knees, the actually cause originates from your ankles.